QRappingpaper is qrap-tastic

by Joel on December 6, 2010

QRapping Paper

QRapping Paper: Interactive QR code paper

I think QR codes are great fun and I’ve posted about them before but QRappingpaper (say crapping paper) is brilliant enough to deserve its own post. Each 20″x30″ sheet paper has 50 QR codes which link to “QRappy” videos. I was able to access a few just from the image of the wrapped box on the site and they are indeed qrappy but the fun is in the kitsch.

Even terrible gifts are worth opening when they?re wrapped in QRAPPING PAPER? the world’s most interactive wrapping paper. Behind each QR code is an original holiday video that can’t be seen anywhere else. Over 50 in all, turning any gift into a tiny holiday film festival.

If the paper wasn’t so expensive ($20 for two sheets), everyone I know would be getting a box wrapped in this stuff. There would be nothing inside, mind you, the gift would be the wrapping.

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Use a Post-It Note to catch drill dust

October 19, 2010 Hacks

I have used a partially flattened coffee can and tape to catch the dust created by drilling but this is a clever dust catcher for smaller jobs. [via?There, I Fixed It]

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A New England picnic, with wasps

September 16, 2010 Non-sequiturs

Life is a funny thing. Sometimes it feels like you’re on a ship in the ocean; you know it is moving forward but it’s hard to see the progress without any nearby markers to judge the progress. Other times life feels like a speed boat that has suddenly lurched forward before you can grab something […]

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Is it better to rent or buy your modem?

September 14, 2010 Tech

A lot of cable internet providers give you the option of renting a modem from them for 5 bucks a month or buying it outright for $30 – $50. Buying it is cheaper than renting it for a year but you have to pay for the equipment up front. Some DSL providers have similar options. […]

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My mobile ad rant, this is not rocket surgery

June 28, 2010 Tech

In the world of advertising, mobile ads are the new?frontier. Advertising on smartphones is predicted to explode in the next few years. Google bought AdMob to get a jump on the mobile ad space. Apple has introduced iAd and apparently forbidden Google’s ads on the iPhone, prompting an FTC investigation. Even Microsoft is taking steps […]

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Dear Pandora, It’s over between us

May 24, 2010 Music

Update: It seems I wasn’t the only one disturbed by Pandora’s lack of privacy. According to Wired, Pandora no gives users the option to opt out. I’m still not going back. Dear?Pandora, It’s over between us. My sudden change of heart may come as a shock but there’s a good reason for it. It’s not […]

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I keep my brain in my pocket

May 10, 2010 Tech

Owning a so-called smartphone has changed my life, or at least how I live my life. The ironic thing is that being literally attached at the hip to my Android device allows me to go outside, to enjoy time away from the computer and online world without being completely cut off from the technology that allows me to make a living.

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More percussion with found objects

April 13, 2010 Music

I’m a sucker for this kind of thing. Gravit? from Renaud Hall?e on Vimeo. Clever video editing creates an interesting aural and visual composition. [via Audio Cookbook]

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Tuning your bagpipes? There’s an app for that!

April 11, 2010 Music
Thumbnail image for Tuning your bagpipes? There’s an app for that!

Members of the Red River Pipes and Drums taken at the 2010 Scottish Tartan Festival in Minden, LA. Okay, that’s not an Android phone or iPhone; it’s just a regular tuner. But there probably is an app and if there isn’t, there should be. I didn’t even realize you had to tune bagpipes.? [More photos] […]

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Making music with found objects

April 5, 2010 Music

I love percussion (I was a founding member of the percussion ensemble in college) and I’m a bass player by training so this video really makes me smile. These guys are obviously talented musicians. So are many of the street musicians you’ll see in just about any large downtown area beating on buckets, pots, and […]

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