Gorgeous espresso machine needs no electricity

Espresso Maker, designed by Patrick Hunt of Therefore Design

by Joel on April 1, 2010

I love espresso. Not these candy-coated, whip cream-topped milkshakes masquerading as lattes that you get at Starbucks but real, honest-to-FSM shots of black, creamy java goodness. Some day I’ll have a real espresso machine but for now my little Krups machine is sufficient for my afternoon fix. This manual espresso maker is tempting, though. Not only is it sexy as hell, which I think is imperative for espresso machines, it requires no electricity and is recyclable.

We came across the Espresso Maker, designed by Patrick Hunt of Therefore Design. We were a little confused, but more so intrigued by the idea of an espresso machine not needing electricity. It also doesn’t look like the average espresso machine ? maybe that’s why we like it.The Espresso Machine is made using eco-friendly and recyclable materials ? made from pure grade Aluminum and is 100% recyclable. It appears to be pretty easy to use: you pour the hot water over the coffee grinds and press the handles to squeeze the coffee out and into your cup.

I have to ask, though, why did the art director choose to place a cup of milk in the product shot? This device can’t steam milk and the obviously clear mug shows no sign of actual espresso. Sometimes art does not imitate life.

UPDATE: These are sold in the UK at Metteria for 109EUR (~$148US)? but are currently out of stock. That seems expensive to me for a manual press but manual espresso makers on Amazon are closer to $1000US. Something to think about….

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